To write about myself is a big task for me, but still, I am trying to write a little bit.

Hey! This is Pranay Meshram from Balaghat M.P. and I am a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Digital Marketer since 2018.

At the moment I am doing engineering, but I have a lot of interest in blogging, that is why my focus is more on blogging.

Let me tell you about my school life, after reading this you will know more about me.

I was admitted to school at the age of 4, and I remember that I was the youngest in my class at the time.

Many people do not remember the first day of their school, but I still remember the first day of my school.

That day my father had dropped me off at school with his bicycle, and when a madam came out to pick me up, I went with her without crying.

And when Madam took me inside the school, I saw many children crying there and Madam was giving chocolate to all the children who were crying, but nothing to those children who were not crying.

Then Madam took me to the class and made me sit up, then there were some children in that class, of which my village was also there.

At that time everyone was unknown to me, but I still remember when I needed a copy to write, then Roshni Meshram, who is from my own village, gave me a few pages from her copy to write.

Right now we are unable to talk, but she helped me on the very first day of school, I cannot forget this thing in my whole life.

And my first friendship in school was with her.

However, that first day of school has passed and the school is over, then all of us children came out of school, where parents of all the children were waiting.

Then I started looking for my father and when I saw him, I went running towards him.

Then I sat next to him on the bicycle and walked home.

Now the funny thing was happening at that time when I went to school on the second day, I started crying consciously because the children who cried, they got chocolate.

I have done my studies from 1st to 8th at Vidhya Sanjeevni Public School Miragpur and then from 9th to 10th at the Government School Miragpur and 11th to 12th from School Of Excellence katangi.

I got selected in JEE exam and then I came to Jabalpur to do my further studies, and here I am doing engineering from Jabalpur Engineering College.

I am from Balaghat, that is why I have a dream when someone searches for the Best SEO Expert In Balaghat, then my name should be shown in the top on Google, that’s why I have created this blog through which I can make myself a brand.

In this blog, I will publish good moments with me, as well as related articles related to some blogging.

By the way, I have some other blogs besides this blog but I cannot discuss them here, but I will try to tell you about those blogs in the coming time.

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Thanks for reading my story and giving your precious time to us.

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Pranay Meshram Balaghat
Pranay Meshram Balaghat